Best Way To Building Muscle Quickly

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Having 'lean muscle' is basically means to have a high amount of muscle mass with very little in the way of excess fat, or as we most commonly know it as being ripped with a common visual reference being that of Brad Pitt in movie Fight Club. If you are looking to specifically build lean muscle mass, you can do this with any stature, meaning that no matter how tall or short you are it's always possible, granted some people are naturally muscly and so building on-top of that natural foundation is far easier than those of us who are not naturally toned, however, the important thing to remember is that anyone can build muscle and to achieve this, all you need to do is follow these 8 simple steps:

STEP 1 - Muscle Specific Diet

You need to formulate a diet that offers you effective and helpful sources of protein, carbohydrates and fat, as these nutrients are key for your energy supplies, immunity, and muscle recovery. It is essential for you to be consuming foods such as chicken breasts, eggs, low-fat dairy products, lean beef and venison for your protein.  You need to eat complex carbs like beans, oatmeal, whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, fruits and all forms of vegetables, which will supply you with adequate carbs.

STEP 2 - Hydration

Hydration is key for lean muscle mass after-all water cleans out the system and allows nutrients to properly go to work, and so you need to make sure you keep yourself supplied with water frequently, a staple figure should be at least 10 average-sized cups throughout the course of your day.  Keeping hydrated requires you to avoid excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, non-herbal tea, lattes and energy drinks.

STEP 3 - Meal Times

You need to space your meals out to two or three hours apart i.e. eating frequently rather than eating one meal then waiting 5 or 6 hours for the next meal. This will keep your muscles well supplied with nutrients and to keep your energy levels high. As mentioned above your food needs to be balanced with protein and carbs, for example, a chicken salad sandwich (without the dressing sauce of course) would be a good balance.

STEP 4 - Performance Supplement

To help increase both your mental motivation and your physical performance when working out, you should be taking a natural dietary supplement to give you good results in a more time-efficient manner.  A performance supplement that is a favorite for men wanting to build lean muscle is icariin 60™ Horny Goat Weed - these herbal capsules improve blood delivery to the muscles increasing energy and equally reducing the repair time of the muscle tissues. This supplement promotes the increase of both Nitric Oxide and Testosterone in men therefore it has all bases covered for men wanting to get ripped fast.

STEP 5 - Gym Time

For your time at the gym, you should vitally be building muscle with compound exercises that involve more than one joint range of motion, and equally so, more than one muscle group. Bench presses, upright rows, dead-lifts, close-grip push-ups, twist curls, and lunges are all great examples of this. In terms of reps/sets you need to be doing 4 to 6 reps and 6 to 8 sets of each exercise, so keep it both small and frequent. Make your first set of each exercise light, with 10 to 12 reps as a warm-up, then use the heaviest weights you can handle for the rest (always get a friend to spot you for this).  As far as 'workout-frequency' goes, ideally, you want to be hitting the gym three times a week on alternating days.

STEP 6 - Protein Powder

After working out at the gym you need to feed your ripped up muscle tissue with energy as soon as you can, therefore, take a protein-shaker with you to the gym (ideally mix up a scoop of whey protein powder with 8 oz. of grape juice). Whey protein is a great contributor to building lean muscle as it is absorbed quickly and so it is fantastic for helping in the process of rebuilding broken down muscle fibers, and as a bonus, the carbohydrates from the grape juice will help put back the lost glycogen from your workouts.

STEP 7 - Cardio Exercise

This is a rather obvious step, as to fulfill the word 'lean' you need to burn excess body fat off with cardiovascular exercise. This could include one or more of the following; running, cycling, stair climbing, elliptical training, arc training or rowing. Aim for 30 to 45 minutes, three times a week, on the opposite days of your weight training. There's no point in building nice muscle tissue if you can't see it under the layer of body fat so treat the cardio side of it as seriously as the weightlifting side.

STEP 8 - Rest

Finally and most crucially of all is to rest your muscles and recharge your batteries via adequate amounts of sleep. A healthy amount of time for a person to sleep each night is in the range of 7-9 hours per night so make sure you go to bed early enough to get those hours of sleep i.e. if you have to be up early for work in the morning then get an early nights sleep. Sleep is the 'icing on the cake', and if you adhere to each of these 8 steps, then you will certainly be sporting a 'ripped' muscular figure for the coming summer!